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AIChE 2013 Annual Meeting

Initially posted on March 5, 2013

Two papers have been proposed within the two CAPE-OPEN sessions, one from DTU/CERE and one from ProSim/Fives Cryo. Since it was impossible to keep a session dedicated to CAPE-OPEN just for two papers, the Programming Chair for area 10E together with chairs of sessions sponsored by 10E, have worked out the following solution: the paper from DTU/CERE has been transferred to session 10E01 and the paper from ProSim/Fives Cryo has been transferred to session 10E06.

The fact that these two papers have been accepted by session chairs reflects the quality of the papers received on CAPE-OPEN. The paper from DTU/CERE describes the steps taken at CERE to provide software tools necessary for researchers developing CAPE-OPEN PMCs while the paper from ProSim/Fives Cryo describes how a hardware manufacturer can embed its proprietary knowledge within a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation.

We encourage you to attend both sessions and listen to these papers if you are participating in the AIChE 2013 Annual Meeting.

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