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Seminar on CAPE-OPEN organized by SFGP Working Party

Initially posted on October 28, 2012

The Informatique et Procédés (IEP) Working Party of the Société Française de Gnéie des Procédés (SFGP) organized in Lyon on September 18, 2012 a one-day seminar to discuss CAPE-OPEN.

The seminar was attended by a score of people from French industry and academia. Several presentations introduced a discussion session where participants asked many questions.

The CAPE-OPEN standards were presented by CO-LaN CTO, software vendors ProSim and RSI told how they introduced CAPE-OPEN in their tools while GdF Suez, together with CEA, and Air Liquide gave each their views on why CAPE-OPEN is of use to them.

  • Le standard CAPE-OPEN de communication entre logiciels : genèse, concepts et évolution by CO-LaN (PDF - 1208 KB)
  • Utilisation du standard CAPE-OPEN : une solution pour diffuser les "Thermodynamic Property Packages" au cours du cycle de développement d'un procédé by Philippe ARPENTINIER (PDF - 2451 KB)
  • Mise en oeuvre du standard CAPE-OPEN dans le cadre du projet GAYA
  • Implantation des interfaces CAPE-OPEN dans une gamme de logiciels de simulation de procédés : présentation et démonstrations
  • Utilisation du standard CAPE-OPEN dans les logiciels RSI - retour d'expérience by Didier PAEN (PDF - 3204 KB)

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