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A new CAPE-OPEN forum is born

Initially posted on October 25, 2012

Since October 24, 2012, CO-LaN has established a new CAPE-OPEN set of forums at

The new arrangement brings to CO-LaN the complete control of the CAPE-OPEN forum, including backups and it will be hopefully a better experience for users as well as for CO-LaN than the previous arrangement with Forumer. It relies on version 3.0 of phpBB so on a more recent version of phpBB than the previous forums. This new version brings a number of improvements in the management and use of the forums. We are still experiencing with the forum board settings so don't expect everything to be there at once.

A number of forums have already been set up. Please let us know of the additional forums you may want to see established.

CO-LaN invites everybody to contribute since the success of such forums is made by its users and their sustained activity. As always posts on these forums should respect the intellectual property of any third party, should be kept informative and should not be aggressive towards any organization or individual.

This being said, please enjoy !

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