Dissemination activities

This page lists the dissemination actions conducted by CO-LaN since the creation of the organization. The actions have been especially focused on several series of well-attended conferences including the AIChE Annual Meetings in the US, the ESCAPE (European Symposium on Computer-Aided Process Engineering), ECCE (European Congress of Chemical Engineering) and ICheaP series in Europe. CO-LaN has organized as well its own series of CAPE-OPEN European and US Conferences.
Links to the actual material used for dissemination are provided when such material is available for public release.


May 12: SFGP Wokshop on thermodynamics and process simulation
May 23-25: OPTIMIZE 2011
June 9: gPROMS Annual Meeting 2011
September 25-29: ECCE-8


November 7-12: AIChE Annual Meeting


April 2-3: 6th CAPE-OPEN European Conference
November 11: 6th CAPE-OPEN US Conference


April 3-4: 5th CAPE-OPEN European Conference
June 2: ESCAPE-18 Keynote lecture by Ray Dickinson, President of CO-LaN
November 19: 5th CAPE-OPEN US Conference


March 8-9: 4th CAPE-OPEN European Conference
May 27-30: ESCAPE-17
June 24-27: ICheaP-8
September 16-21: ECCE-6
November 4-9: 4th CAPE-OPEN US Conference
November 21: Akzo Modelling Seminar


March 9-10: 3rd CAPE-OPEN European Conference
August 21-23: HTRI North American meeting
September: Article in NPT Procestechnologie, The Netherlands

The September 2006 issue of NPT Procestechnologie carries from page 22 to 24 an article titled "Cross Platform Modeling of Chemical Processes with CAPE-OPEN". It is co-signed by Richard Baur from Shell Global Solutions International bv, by Jasper van Baten from AmsterCHEM, by Harry Kooijman from Shell Global Solutions International bv and by Werner Drewitz from BASF AG. It describes applications of CAPE-OPEN technology.

November 16-17: 3rd CAPE-OPEN US Conference


February: Article in NPT Procestechnologie, The Netherlands

The February 2005 issue of NPT Procestechnologie carries from page 11 to 13 an article titled "Breakthrough in process simulations through CAPE-OPEN interoperability standard". It is co-signed by several CO-LaN Full Members representatives.  Contents: development of the CAPE-OPEN standard, brief description of the CAPE-OPEN technology, presentation of industrial applications, organisation and objectives of the CAPE-OPEN Laboratories Network.

March 14-15: PSE User Meeting, London, UK

Ben KEEPING, Principal Software Consultant at Process Systems Enterprise (PSE) and Michel PONS, Chief Technology Officer at CO-LaN, demonstrated the "Export to CAPE-OPEN" functionality embedded in the new gPROMS 3.0 version that will be coming out next August. gPROMS is well known in the CAPE community as a powerful modelling tool. PSE is now offering an automatic export of a steady-state Unit Operation model to the format of a CAPE-OPEN Unit Operation. In order to demonstrate the capability, a simple Mixer model was developed in gPROMS ModelBuilder, then automatically exported and subsequently used in complex process models built with Aspen Plus 12.1, PRO/II 7.1 and Aspen HYSYS 2004. Absolutely no recoding was necessary, demonstrating the power of CAPE-OPEN technology. Snapshots of the live demos have been captured for your information.
PSE announced also the development of a CAPE-OPEN UNIT socket in gPROMS as a part of the Virtual Plant Demonstration project (VPDM) project, funded by the British government. Through this socket it will be possible to plug in gPROMS 3rd-party CAPE-OPEN UNIT operations and to run them as a part of a process model created with the flowsheeting capabilities of gPROMS.
Michel PONS mentioned also recent interoperability results obtained between the SIMULIS Thermodynamics software (from ProSim SA) and gPROMS. gPROMS has been providing a CAPE-OPEN Thermo socket since version 2.2. So far it has been mostly used with Property Packages exported from Aspen Plus (supplier AspenTech) or with Multiflash from InfoChem. It is now worth noting that the access to SIMULIS Property Packages through the same CAPE-OPEN socket has been demonstrated.
In a separate presentation, Andrew Ogden-Swift, Director of Advanced Development at Honeywell, mentioned Honeywell commitment to CAPE-OPEN as a solution to integrate their line of products. For example Honeywell intends to make use of gPROMS advanced models in the UniSim Design Suite through the CAPE-OPEN interfaces supported by both gPROMS and UniSim. Honeywell is also considering implementation of the Dynamic UNIT extension in their Shadow Plant product. PSE and Honeywell, who have already jointly developed a seamless interface between Shadow Plant and gPROMS, are now actively considering the use of CAPE-OPEN steady-state and dynamic UNIT standards for future interfaces between their products.
April:CAST Communications - Spring 2005
A short article by Michel Pons, CO-LaN Chief Technology Officer, lists CO-LaN objectives and gives an update on its membership and activities.

May: Several events
  • 15-18: Michel Pons attends the ICheaP-7 conference and presents a paper on the tools to help migrating to CAPE-OPEN.
  • 25-26: 2nd Annual US CAPE-OPEN meeting is held in Morgantown, WV, USA.
  • 29: Michel Pons participates in a CAPE Working Party workshop on Modeling and gives a presentation on what CAPE-OPEN technology may bring to modeling activities.
  • 30-June 1: Michel Pons attends the ESCAPE 15 conference and presents a paper on the Consultancy Scheme.

June: CFD Summit, Dearbon, Michigan, USA
September: Oil&Gas Science & Technology Journal
October: EUROKIN Workshop, Sausset, France
November: 2005 AIChE Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, USA


March: ESCAPE 12, The Hague, The Netherlands

October: SIMO 2002, Toulouse, France
A presentation (abstract, paper) was given by Bertrand Braunschweig and Pascal Roux. A poster was presented by Jean-Pierre Belaud et al while ProSim SA gave a paper (abstract) on their CAPE-OPEN based solutions.


June: ECCE-3, Nuremberg, Germany
Two posters were presented at ECCE-3, one on the Global CAPE-OPEN project (paper, poster) and one on the CO-LaN organization (paper, poster).

November: AIChE Annual Meeting, Reno, Nevada

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