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The CAPE-OPEN Award is presented every year since the creation of CO-LaN to persons or organizations who have significantly contributed to the advancement of CAPE-OPEN.

CO-LaN presented:
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2001 Award to Siegfried NAGEL in recognition for its outstanding contribution to Open Process Simulation.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2002 Award to Daniel PINÕL, Michael HALLORAN and Richard SZCZEPANSKI. Their work showed how competing commercial companies could collaborate constructively on non-proprietary matters without compromising their commercial interests.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2003 Award to Hans Horst MAYER in recognition for its outstanding contribution to Open Process Simulation.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2004 Award to Pascal ROUX in recognition of his sustained effort in applying his expertise to generating a lot of useful code and constructive suggestions.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2005 Award to Fernando AGUIRRE of HTRI for his successful commercial implementation of the CAPE-OPEN Unit interface in a specialized engineering software suite with a global user base.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2006 Award to Jasper van BATEN of Amsterchem for creation of the CAPE-OPEN based simulator COCO.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2007 Award to Peter BANKS for being a champion of process simulation interoperability and his dedication to the CAPE-OPEN standards since 1995.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2008 Award to Bill BARRETT in recognition of his activity to ease the use of the CapeOpen standard by the industry.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2009 Award to the SolidSim Engineering GmbH for the successful development of a novel simulator for solids processes based on the CAPE-OPEN standards.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2010 Award to Bertrand BRAUNSCHWEIG in recognition of his vision for CAPE-OPEN, his drive and dedication in establishing CO-LaN and his leadership as President of CO-LaN from 2001 to 2004.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2011 Award to ProSim SA for their active use of the standards and their continuous support for the missions of CO-LaN.
  • the CAPE-OPEN 2012 Award to Daniel WAGNER for the first implementation of CAPE-OPEN interfaces in a process modelling environment distributed as open source.

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